Thinker, doer, iconoclast, professional loudmouth.


On a more daily basis, I’m also a design thinker, prob­lem solver, user expe­ri­ence and ser­vice designer, organ­i­sa­tional comms guy, col­lab­o­ra­tor, and sketch­noter. I’m also a TEDi­zen and TEDx­Can­berra organ­iser. Sometimes, I’m a speaker. I’m always a hus­band, Dad, brother, and son. I’m infrequently a WoW player. At heart, I’m CrossFit­ter and rugby tragic.

I’m the Founder at acidlabs, a small (but very good) design thinking, communications and experience design consultancy based in Canberra, Australia; we work with clients around the world on solving wicked problems, designing and building great policy, products and services, and building skills in thinking differently.
I’m also the Creative Catalyst for TEDxCanberra and the Australia and NZ TEDx Ambassador.

I’m known to most as “trib”. Feel free to use it.


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