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Physical trainer using design thinking for better results. Iconoclastic. Professional loudmouth.


I’m the owner of acid Physical Training, where physical training and understanding the body meet to make you better. Using proven, scientific approaches to training and nutrition, and the pattern recognition and problem solving skills of design thinking, I help my clients achieve their best version of themselves.

I’m also the Founder at acidlabs, a small (but very good) design thinking, user experience, and service design studio based in Canberra, Australia.

I’m the Creative Catalyst for TEDxCanberra and the Australia and NZ TEDx Ambassador.

I’m known to most as “trib”. It’s a long story. Feel free to use it (the name, not the story).

I’m always a husband, Dad, brother, and son.

I’m a powerlifter, and rugby tragic.

I play WoW and EVE Online.


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Canberra, Australia