Welcome to my corner of the web.

Here you’ll find information about me (naturally), my musings on matters of life, the universe and everything. That’s largely focussed on service design (plus user experience, customer experience, strategy and better ways of doing business) often crossposted to Medium.

You’ll also find transcripts and presentations from public speaking and other publications here. Please do enquire about booking me to speak at your event.

Work-specific stuff is over at acidlabs Studios. You can hire us to work with you on design thinking, service design, customer and user experience, and facilitation.

You’ll also find occasional intrusions here from other things that interest me – bonsai, World of Warcraft, powerlifting, whisky, etc. Ignore or read as you see fit.

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Cautionary tales

DHH’s essay on the poison prevalent among a great deal of startup culture is both a cautionary tale in terms of the insanity of seeking high growth and an exit, and a useful lesson on what happens when you bootstrap and grow slow. Much to be gleaned from this.

About Stephen

I’m the owner of acidlabs Studios, a small design thinking, user experience, and service design agency based in Canberra, Australia.

I’m an Australian representative powerlifter (hashtag #teammakingupthenumbers).

I’m an amateur bonsai grower and keen gardener. For the love of it, and spending time outside, rather than because I’m especially skilful.

I was the Founder of TEDxCanberra and Creative Catalyst and Licensee for that event from from 2009 to 2016  and the Australia and NZ TEDx Senior Ambassador from 2013 to 2016.

I’m known to most as “trib”. It’s a long story. Feel free to use it (the name, not the story).

I’m always a husband, Dad, brother, and son.

I play some WoW and Diablo, but not as often as I’d like.