8 Things…

My friend, Andrew Boyd, tagged me with the “8 things you didn’t know about me” task a little while back and this is the first opportunity I’ve had to tackle it. So here you go – my eight things.

  1. I’m about to pitch a book idea. Fingers crossed! More about that if it progresses.
  2. Alli and I do respite foster care for Barnardos. This means the we spend one weekend a month caring for two young children (brother and sister) who have been with us for nearly three years now. Their parents are recovering drug addicts and have all the attendant additional problems that go with that. This is our way of giving back.
  3. I wish I could travel more for work. I enjoy living in Canberra, but the best work isn’t here. Unlike Shiv, I love flying. Anywhere. Anytime. Call me ;)
  4. I enjoy bad 1980’s swords and sorcery films. Conan the Barbarian, Conan the Destroyer, Red Sonja, The Sword and the Sorceror, etc. The sign of many years of playing RPGs.
  5. I’ve been politically engaged since my early teens and sit well to the bottom left of the Political Compass. When your father is now a strong Labor supporter after having been a member of the Young Liberals and your godfather popularised the negative use of the term economic rationalism, it’s hard not to be influenced.
  6. I believe Barack Obama should and likely will be the next President of the USA. How can you not be fascinated and compelled by this man’s message of hope and change for the better? In a political landscape bereft of statesmen, he offers something almost nobody else does. His two books, Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance and The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream were hands down the best things I read in 2007.
  7. Ohmygod! I’m 40 this year! Old. That’s me.
  8. My favorite author is Neil Gaiman. For sheer variety and creativity, you can’t beat Mr Gaiman.

I’m supposed to tag some more folks, so here’s my list of tagees:

  • My best friend, Edmund (who doesn’t blog). A great mind.
  • My godfather, Michael Pusey, who has always fascinated me.
  • James Governor, RedMonk Analyst, smart bloke and all round good guy.
  • Thomas Vander Wal, a guy I respect a lot professionally and hope to meet one day. He coined the term folksonomy.
  • Jasmin Tragas, a Twitter pal I met in person this year. She has a really interesting role at IBM.
  • Nathanael Boehm, possessor of the most obscure music mind I know and smart dev guy.

That’ll do.

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  1. @Matthew If Iowa (at ~= 95% white voters) is any indication, maybe. New Hampshire and Super Tuesday will be the telling factors.

    To me, it’s his message that’s compelling. His genetics are a non-issue. If you’ve not read his books, you need to.

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