A Rose by any other name…

I’ve just seen, Doomsday, the last episode of Season 2 of the new Doctor Who. Oh. My. God. Rose is gone! The best companion the Doctor ever had is gone! And the writing! The emotion! Argh!


Anyway, no more spoilers for those who’ve not seen it. All I’ve got to say is that Russell T Davies and his very talented staff have taken Doctor Who to places well beyond where it’s ever been before this year. Over and above the growth in the sheer scale of the show and it’s fabulous production design work, the thing that’s really stood out for me is the writing.
Without the quality in the writing, this show would have gone nowhere. And this year we’ve seen episodes like The Girl in the Fireplace and Doomsday which really just set the standard so high.

And now, all us fans have to wait until Christmas to find out who The Runaway Bride is…

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