Book Review – A Week at the Airport by Alain de Botton

A Week at the Airport

Alain De Botton

As someone who loves travel, and is endlessly intrigued by the happenings at international airports, Alain De Botton’s A Week at the Airport is a delightful window into the culture apart that this feature of the modern world embodies.

For anyone who has not yet entered De Botton’s philosophical world via his writings, A Week at the Airport is short enough, at a little over 100 pages, and put together so nicely (the author has a skilled and touching turn of phrase, deployed as needed), that it’s the perfect gateway into his longer and deeper works.

Assembled as a series of observations by De Botton and anecdotes from the denizens of this odd other place, A Week at the Airport is a pleasant and well worth it short diversion that should be on your reading list. I finished wanting a longer, deeper tale.

I’m giving it 4/5.

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