Alternative iCal sender – possible?

Is it possible to have iCal send invitations as a different user? The default behavior seems to be that it sends as the last Apple Mail user to send an email. Frankly, this isn’t what I want. I want to be able to choose to send invitations to events related to work from my work email address.

The real hassle is, of course, that I have to use the red-headed child that is Exchange/Outlook Web Access to read my work email. This means I can’t export the work calendar to iCal from OWA, nor can I read my work email from Apple Mail, as we have no IMAP access (and aren’t getting it). We also can’t auto-forward work email to private accounts.

I think I’m cruelled up the wazoo in getting this all to work together. I REALLY want it all in one simple place, but I think I don’t have a hope…

I’ve tried the whole Gmail/Google Calendar think for several days, and that isn’t really cutting it either. Unless I commit to doing everything from Gmail/Google Calendar, which I’d rather not. I’ve also suffered previously with the abomination that is Apple Mail, Entourage and iCal trying to play nice. Bleah.

Suggestions? Ideas? Software?

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