Another four years of hurt

With the recent win by the incumbent Liberal government here in Australia and now a win by Bush in the US, I’m seriously looking to emigrate to a Scandinavian nation – Sweden, Norway or Denmark all look good. I’d really like to live somewhere where fearmongering, increasingly radical conservatism and racism disguised as "security" aren’t the primary agenda.

With Bush staying in The White House and John Howard in The Lodge I fear greatly for our future. I anticipate the next four years will see more of the same, and worse. More of the scare tactics, more of the lies, more of the marginalisation of the Islamic community. It is a deeply sad state of affairs.

With the increasingly centrist stance of the Australian Labor Party and the Democrats in the US, I think that it was simply a case of Mark Latham and John Kerry not offering a compelling enough reason for change. There’s also the fact that there’s really only a fairly small proportion of the electorate that take any real notice of what’s taking place in the political arena. For the rest, so long as they can put fuel in their car at an acceptable price, keep their home and live in a world where the perception of security is good enough, there’s no reason to change from the incumbent.

Lies and hate seem to make no difference to the majority of voters, and that saddens me deeply. If people simply paid attention to what’s going on and what their politicians are actually doing we would have had change and just maybe we’d be living in a world where the leaders of Australia and the US were prepared to sign the Kyoto Protocol, to govern without interference by religion, to govern without a xenophobic agenda.

October 9 and November 2 2004 should go down in history as two of the saddest days ever for humanity.

I think Wil Wheaton has it right. Yet again.

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  1. Totally agree. The corporate fascists and the Christian taliban managed to terrify and deceive the populace enough to keep the Bush/Cheney regime in power without the aid of their cronies in the Supreme Court. The majority of Americans still believe invading Iraq will make us more secure and that Saddam and Bin Laden were in cahoots.

  2. Yes, I fully agree and frankly wish I could understand what the hell is going on. I blogged something that is the really big news of the day but of course will be totally submerged. The Really Important News

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  4. Some of us are paying attention and very much like “the incumbent”, obviously enough to win the election and add more to the senate and house. The U.S.A was founded on Christian beliefs, like it or not its in the non-revised history books. Read some of the first president’s speeches if you don’t believe it. The Constitution makes no mention of a separation of Church and State, this is the big lie liberals push. Guess what? The people have spoken. No Gay marriage, no Democrats, and morals count. If you don’t like where you are LEAVE, please, you’ll do everyone a favor.

  5. It’s sad when the good guys win? No, the saddest day is Sept 11, because on that day Islamic murderers became the dominant force of evil in the world, and people like you began sympathizing with them. Go ahead and move to a Scandinavian nation. Europe is not safe either. An Islamofascist murdered a grand-nephew of Van Gogh this week in Netherlands.

    There is no racism in US security. . .in fact just the opposite. An Islamic radical can get on a plane with no problem, and priests and rabbis and little old ladies are being searched for weapons. Where do you see the racism? You make no sense.

    Lies and hate were preached by the Democratic party in the US, not the other way around. Read for the biggest smear campaign every conducted against a sitting president. Millions of dollars were spent to push lies. I see hate in your post, but no understanding of the real world. Stop listening to your media. In the democratic process, the majority wins.

  6. “Amendment I

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

    According to the constitution, we’re supposed to be free to practice any religion and there should be no laws forcing Christianity (or any other religion) on the population at large.

    That’s the root of the separation of Church and State.

  7. ‘An Islamic radical can get on a plane with no problem, and priests and rabbis and little old ladies are being searched for weapons. Where do you see the racism?’

    Hmm, let me see, how about in your post Tom?? Nice unbiased framing of your arguments Mr Anonymouse. These days Islamic radicals are even alllowed to sit at the back of the bus!

    Anyway, the broadband is crazy fast in Scandanavia! I think because the phone lines are super-cooled in that far northern environment maybe??!?! Thats got to be part of the motivation.

    New Zealand seems like a beautiful, peaceful place to live too, and remote, pity about the broadband.

  8. 19 of the 19 terrorists were islamic. In the old days, they called that a clue. That’s not racism. If the police have a description of a white male with a gun, that’s who they’ll be searching. For some reason when the description is 3 or 4 Muslims traveling together, Americans feel the need to be politically correct about it. If you travel a lot you’ll see that they pull people at random. . .like my 70-year old mother. A little old lady is not carrying a box cutter and slicing the throat of a pilot.

  9. Profound words Steve. Nicely put. Even my seven-year-old is asking me how a man who lies to his country about people throwing their children off a boat can be rewarded with another term.

    I don’t know if its a matter of paying attention though. I think people just don’t care. I was involved in promoting environmental issues in the ’90s and the care factor is about zero. People are more interested in that flashy new mobile phone, the status their car gives them or how much they’re going to earn this year. They don’t want to know about things that are actually going to make the world a better place for them and their children. Michael Douglas made me shudder with his immortal words, “Greed is good”.

    The international reputation of my country is a thing of importance to me. I’m involved in a forum where people from all over the world discuss issues everyday. It is a source of shame for me that my country has re-elected a known liar and racist. The reputation and international image of Australia has suffered as a result. First our image was tarnished for failure to support Kyoto initiatives. We have now damaged our image further by chosing to endorse the Howard government yet again.

    I have to say the latest disaster win by little Johnny has caused me to have similar sentiment about moving abroad. Don’t know if I’d go as far as Scandinavia though. I like this part of the world and the remarks here about New Zealand are very true. Beautiful country; great skiing. They don’t half play a decent game of Rugby either.

    By the way, I understand Johnny spends very little time in the Lodge.

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