Apple did the right thing

MacBook Pro...  Mmmmmm...

In fact, they went above and beyond. So, it’s only fair that after blogging the series of motherboard replacements (four!) that I went through with my 9-month-old PowerBook, I should let you (all three of you) know that Apple have replaced my faulty PowerBook with a shiny, new 15.4″/2.0GHz/512Mb/80Gb MacBook Pro.

No arguments, and effectively just one phone call to Apple Customer Relations (plus follow-ups for info) and really helpful support from Jason LaChance there.

Well done Apple!

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  1. Woo Hoo, now to chase the monkeys that fixed my PowerBook last week, seems as though someone at their repair centre left a couple of screws off when they replaced the screen – bloody thing was popping out last night on the train…

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