Aussie broadband sucks

I’ve had an ADSL broadband connection pretty much since it became available in Australia. However, as most Aussies with broadband are aware, broadband ain’t broadband (to misquote a famous Australian ad campaign). Especially when this is on offer in the US! If that’s the standard, it makes my 512/128 connection (AU$59.95/month, dynamic IP, 16Gb/month traffic before speed limited to 56kbps) from Internode look pretty ordinary!

Not that I’m complaining about Internode, they are definitely among the best on offer in what is a market effectively controlled by a single provider for the copper.

The parlous state of broadband in Australia has copped a progressively heavier battering from the IT media. Today, these very interesting stories were published in the Sydney Morning Herald.

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  1. wow that seems rather steep, we moved to a new adsl provider here in bangkok for 1mb@890 baht ($21.7 US) a month, unmetered, dynamic IP. the speed & service is generally good even with the porn & anti anti-government filters they apply. their international bandwidth is increasing along with their customer base (though lags a bit). depending on promotions they’ll even throw in a billion wifi router (after years of cisco, these little billion puppies came as a pleasant shock to me).

  2. Things aren’t much better in the UK I’m afraid. It’s hard not to feel green with envy when reading of what’s on offer to a lucky chap from Sweden… 100Mb/s for US$70 per month!

  3. It sucks here in India too, but here in Mumbai, they are ready to serve me if I pay. Currently I am on a 1 mbps (I am a home user) and I pay about US$200 mo (converted from INR roughly) and still it is limited to 6GB, then I started paying accordiing to extra usage.

  4. Here in portugal the usual is 512/128 at around 35Euros ($29 US) for only 2 or 3GB transfer. And they charge for extra traffic, 1Euro/100KB – a real theft!
    ISPs do what they want, and they provide the poorest service and suport I’ve ever seen.

  5. I’m on the Internode 512/128 32gig @ 79.95 plan. Its about the same price as a month of digital pay TV. My korean girlfriend watches TV streaming from Korea and of course other things downloaded make it worthwhile but it sure ain’t cheap.

    Its not Korea or Sweden but it is way better than most of the ridiculous services offered in Oz. 256k 200mb per month for 30 bucks? Then pay 14c per mb after that. And Telstra advertise this in conjunction with their online music store! Hello album, goodbye 1 months download! People are ignorant enough to buy this, no wonder the market is so stagnant.

  6. Sorry to hear that you guys are getting such crummy rates. I have a 3mb Cable connection for $49US/month with unlimited bandwidth. Do your country’s have cable available yet?

  7. Be thankful you can get ADSL! .. heh, your readers should also be aware, that some suburbs within major cities can’t get broadband due to Telstra using the “pair gain” system (ie two houses doubling up on the one line).

    Basically any “New” house made today in Australia, will majority of the time be in a broadband blackwhole. Which is pathetic!

    But yeah, we are so behind the world in so many ways with our broadband, yet our thorough-put of internet based technology per capita is quite high!

  8. I’m on one of the 1500/256 plans from Internode and to be fair that’s comparable cost wise to the first plan on the Speakeasy site. Doesn’t hold a candle to the “Fastest” plan they are advertising though. You’d wan’t to be doing some serious multiple downloading to come close to sucking up 6MB/s of incoming data. And yes, there is cable laid out through all of Australia’s capital cities (I think…), it’s just a matter of whether that cable that is running along your street is actually connected to anything. For instance I have cable running along both sides of my house and yet can’t get a connection. Sheish!

  9. i pay 60$ u month for unlimited downloads, on adsl, at 256, is that good??

    all i know is a 100mb file used to take 10 hours on dialup, now it takes 1hour, so im happy ;-)

    but is ‘ADSL’ really ‘BROADBAND’ or is it a psycho modem on steroids and its only dialup with a drugged modem lol ;-)) ??????

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