Bastard child of a bastard child… Part 1

Four or five years ago, my then employer jumped on the Spectra bandwagon. We rolled out several Spectra "firsts" in Australia. I’m now working as a Tech Lead/Project Manager for a former client, the Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources who made a big investment in CF and Spectra. Big enough that their platform is now CFMX 6.1 and Spectra OpenSource. Well, almost…

You see, back in February, my crew and I attended MXDU where our growing suspicions about the Good Thing that is Mach-II were confirmed by attending Sean Corfield‘s talk.

So, we came back to Canberra all post-con enthusiastic about Mach-II and despite never having developed a Mach-II app in our collective lives, and not having what you’d call extensive experience in OO development, we decided to make the switch to Mach-II. Well, almost.

Remember that comment about the big commitment to Spectra? We had that to deal with. We have an existing, LARGE content management system that’s 100 per cent Spectra and not going away any time soon. That’s where all the content for the 10 and growing sites we manage is held.

So, now we’re about to launch the first of several Mach-II/Spectra hybrid sites we’ve developed since February. We have several more in the pipeline.

Every day we’re happier with the coding approach switch. Mach-II makes our lives very easy. The whole "high cohesion, low coupllng" thing has given us a huge library of truly reusable code, and mixing that in with custom, per-site code is actually pretty easy. Our entire codebase (nearing 26K lines) has just four Spectra tag calls in the whole thing.

I’ll be detailing how we’ve actually gone about this whole thing over the next few days. Keep watching if you’re interested.

Read more in Part 2 of this series.

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  1. Sounds like fun. I am curious as to how you assemble your pages/ui using the event processing model. Do use composite views or is there one complete view template for each unique page?

    I’m looking forward to more info…

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