Best mouse for Powerbook?

One of the things I’m still struggling with when using my Powerbook is the one-button mouse/trackpad thing. I’m still finding it very challenging… Particularly as I still use Windows all day at work.

Any advice on use or suggestions for a good mouse (probably, but not necessarily, cordless) or better yet, any “Apple interface with a mouse 101”-type advice?

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  1. The mouse I always used with my PowerBook that I absolutely loved was a Logitech Bluetooth mouse (MX 9000 or something like that–they don’t have the particular model on their web site any longer). I had great luck with the Logitech Bluetooth but very bad luck with a Belkin Bluetooth so just be careful if you go Bluetooth.

    I’ve heard good things about the new Apple Mighty Mouse but haven’t used one, and I think they’re only corded at this point.

  2. On the Mac Mousing 101 front, ctrl-click replicates a right-click if you don’t have two-button mouse connected. (That’s probably less than 101, but useful if you didn’t already know that).

    As for the mighty mouse, I do love the scroll ball, but my big complaint with the mighty mouse is that since there’s no obvious separation between the “right” and “left” of the mouse, I’m always miss-firing, and clicking a right click when I intended a left.

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