Birthdays, PS2s and Razor Scooters

It was my (very active – swimming, taekwondo, dancing) daughter, Hannah’s, 7th birthday on Saturday and we had a herd of similarly aged girls running around our house Saturday afternoon – screaming, giggling, etc. You know the drill.

The two best presents she got were the PS2 she got from Alli and I, and the scooter she bought herself with the gift voucher Alli’s parents sent her. The first is someting we can all enjoy – she certainly laughs at me when I try to challenge her at SingStar. She’s a little too young for GTA:San Andreas, but I guess I can play that after she goes to bed ;)

The second is cool too, except for when she crashes the sucker. Which she did last night. We all went for a walk – Alli, Hannah, the dog and I. After a 45-minute walk, and about 4km of incident-free travel, we’re 200m from home and Hannah manages to shoot the scooter off the footpath and lose her balance.

Over the handlebars she goes! Even with her hands out, she managed to knock out an already loose tooth (lucky), give herself a fat lip (not so good), a bloody nose, and mildly loosen her two top front adult teeth (nasty). Thankfully, the dentist says they should set back in just fine over the next week or so.

She’s definitely been in the wars lately. In the past three months she’s fallen 2m from a slippery slide in the school playground, fallen from her trampoline onto concrete and now this. All without major damage.

Moral of the story: Active kids bust themselves up on a regular basis. Mostly, they’re okay, ‘cos they bounce. Mop the tears and blood and encourage them to climb back on whatever they just fell off.

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