Book Review: The Innovator’s DNA

the-innovators-dnaThe research piece behind this book might be the next thing I read, as I’m intrigued by the academic rigor applied.

The reveal and living examples of the five skills – questioning, networking, experimenting, observing and associating – are tangible and approachable given their articulation through well-known and highly visible entrepreneurs running innovative companies. There’s much to be gleaned by looking at the way these people behave and, even through simple emulation, enhancing one’s own skills.

My only real disappointment with the book is its limited approach to practical, daily application for those not yet at the top of the tree. It’s rather a different kettle of fish for the innovation-minded, but stuck in bureaucracy, worker who wants to make things better, is still motivated, and hasn’t been crushed by the machine.

How does that person actively innovate? And, in some cases, get away with it?

A section in this book (or an accompanying volume) focussing on daily, in-work, innovation would be useful.

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