Bye Brumbies

I’ve been a loyal member of the Brumbies for several years, but sadly, I won’t be renewing for 2006. Nor will the other members who always sit with me and have been with me in the same seats for several years now.

The latest pricing for Brumbies memberships is absolutely scandalous. Either the Brumbies themselves, or the ARU, or both are engaging in blatant profiteering. For the most popular Snowy River membership the pricing is set at $245 (or $225 for a renewal). With seven games in Canberra in 2006, that comes out at $35 per game.

Sorry, as great as the Super 12/14 is, that’s unfair on the fans. Unfair because it’s simply overpriced. Unfair because the Brumbies know they’re guaranteed good crowds every week and obviously don’t care whether that crowd is loyal fans or once-offs. Unfair because the pricing is almost THREE TIMES HIGHER than the equivalent Raiders membership, which at $140 comes out at under $12 per game.

I’m on a decent wage, but at this price how am I supposed to afford to take my spouse and daughter to the rugby, pay for parking, grab dinner and a couple of drinks and watch the rugby? At current pricing, I’d be up for almost $150 each game!

Brumbies, you’ve just lost at least three fans who would REALLY like to be attending games. Glad I subscribe to Foxtel…

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  1. Wow consider yourself lucky. I am a seson ticket holder for my american football team The Jets. The price for my tickets run $60 a pop. and for the regular season (not including playoffs) thats $600 a season.

    hehe So I would nto complain about an increase that is ruffly half of what it could be. :)

    – Ian

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