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My hosting is done by the great folks at, where I pay a measly US$5/month for my hosting. Their generosity seemingly knows no bounds as they cut me a great deal of slack over my inevitably over limit monthly bandwidth and also provide me with some extras which I really appreciate (MySQL access, for a start).
I have had such great service from these guys that I have no intention of switching to another hosting company, but now I’d like to provide an ISO of The ACME CD which I blogged about yesterday. Is there anyone out there who’d like to help out with this? The image is around 550Mb. I can’t say how many downloads you might get, so you’ll potentially need a decent bandwidth allowance.
If you can offer hosting for the CD, please email me on trib at stephencollins dot org.

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  1. Steve,

    Why not create a bit torrent file? You could create the CD at home, generate the torrent file and host the torrent file on your shared account (include the guide itself in the download).

    Then, you can open Azureus ( on your home machine and share your torrent. Maybe register the torrent with a torrent tracker too. If you are lucky, enough people will start downloading from you and continue uploading to others that you can keep up with demand. A 384kb upstream cable modem/dsl should be able to upload about 2GB per day. Plenty of capacity for you to seed a 600mb torrent and keep it online for quite a while. Once the first 5-10 download it you shouldn’t need more than 10kb/s to keep everyone happy.

    I’d be happy to help you on this endeavor as well as seed the file for a week or two.


  2. Other Ryan,

    BitTorrent is a great idea, only you aren’t in Australia, so the crap state of broadband here isn’t on your radar. I’m on what Id consider an EXCELLENT value plan – 512/128 with 15Gb inbound transfer/month for AU$49.95. I don’t think offering a .torrent on 128 up as a seed is necessarily a great idea.
    That said, I will put it up tonight if I get time.


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