CF on Mac Intel with Apache 2

I’ve finally set up CF on my MacBook Pro using the Definitive Guide from Mark Andrachek. It all works brilliantly.

Now, like any good geek, I’ve begun thinking that this must be able to be done with Apache 2.x. The most recent release available is 2.0.52 from ServerLogistics, which is the one I use in The ACME Guide. Apache has moved along since then, and it’s now at 2.2.4. Nobody seems to have built a binary.

My thinking is that one of the AMP stacks, say MAMP or XAMPP would be the ideal platform to work – easy to use, lightweight on the brain and using the latest versions of all the software. Only thing is, these stacks don’t include all the necessary files to do the connector build.

Now, I could install and build Apache 2.2.x from source and then build the connector, but at the moment, I just don’t have the time. Steven Ross, however, has managed it, so it’s doable.

So, I guess what I’m asking is if there’s anyone out there who has the time or is keen enough to build the connector against either Apache 2.0.52 for use with the ServerLogistics binary, or against Apache 2.2.3 for use with MAMP/XAMPP?

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