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With the huge growth in Voice over IP (VoIP) in the last year, and the increase in use of tools such as Skype (my VoIP tool of choice), I figure it’s about time for the CF community to let each other know what our various Skype handles are.

Of course this would be totally opt-in, but if you do so you’d be leting the CF community know that you were prepared to take part in at least the occasional chat about CF and related issues, as well as offering your support when you can on things you are identified as a community expert on. For example, I’m more than happy to answer any and all questions ACME Guide related, on either OS X or Windows. If the conversation highlighted an important issue, I’d then post the core facts of the conversation here on acid.

An added bonus to this is that having the Skype handles of a bunch of CFers out there gives you someone to talk to when your brain is addled from too many hours of coding and you’re too tired to move away from the keyboard. ;)

So, what do you think? If you’re prepared to be involved, just post your Skype handle in the comments here.

To get the ball rolling, here’s a link to add me to your Skype contacts:

Add me to Skype

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  1. My blog has a Skype Me / Add Me to Skype drop-down (bottom of the right column). It won’t surprise anyone to learn that my Skype name is seancorfield – just like my Gmail account and most of my IM accounts :)

  2. Just on today. Excellent idea, although you’re link to add you into skype wasn’t working for me.

    You can reach me at jghankins

    I’m a brand new to coldfusion, have networking background though.

  3. I’ve been Skype user for about a year now, just a great piece of software!

    You can reach me at pikala1 – GMT 2 (Finland)

    I’ve been using ColdFusion since 1996 – recently together with Oracle 9i, Fusebox and too many integrations to different systems (Siebel, Notes, etc.) :) Other interests include scuba, travel, cooking & wines.

  4. Skype id: sam.clement

    What about google IM as well? I just noticed that today I have IM right inside gmail and since so many of us use gmail as our second email…

    Googlechat: sam.clement

  5. Great idea – I’d be happy to be a sounding board for ideas. I do a lot of CF and ActionScript work. SkypeID is ken.dunnington Location is northeast US

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