ColdFusion MX 7.0.2, XAMPP for OS X and something…

UPDATE – Hmmm… Reboot, make sure everything is in the right place with the right settings and voila! It all works. One should try to solve one’s problems before panicking publically.

I got my PowerBook back from repair yesterday, and I decided to play around with XAMPP for OS X, and the new ColdFusion 7.0.2 release. And now, I’ve struck a problem – I can’t even get to the CF Administrator.

I installed a clean CF after getting XAMPP up and running. I made sure that the Java runtime I’m pointing to is for 1.4.2 and not 1.5, given the information out on the web that tell me to make sure I do this. Now, when I try to configure CF for the first time, I get the initial wizard login and then, a “JRun Servlet Error” and an HTTP 500 error message.

Anyone seen this? Know what it is? My everlasting thanks if you can solve my problem.

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  1. i have the same darn problem. i have installed, uninstalled, tried 2 different mac (powerpc) and you get to the please enter your coldfusion password screen, and then kaboom nothing but that stupid 500 error.
    the cfusion JRun Server is running (as indicated by jrunx.kernel.JRrun itsleft loaded by /Applications/JRun4/, but i guess the info is not passed!!!!

    This is very frustrating! And Adobe’s site help is not.

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