Complete n00b’s guide to Subversion? Does it exist?

So, I’m starting to play with Subversion in preparation for my next round of updates to The ACME Guide. I’ve seen The Book, and have read much of it, but what I’m really after is a total n00b’s guide to the thing that holds my hand through it all – including, if possible, the whole Subclipse thing as well.
I’ve used CVS for so long, that this (albeit relatively small) shift is messing with my mind. Check-in/check-out/add seems pretty straightforward, but any more and I’m all messed up.

Help me out here, folks!

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  1. What i’d like is an idiots guide – I’ve never used any version control before…nor has the company i work for. I’d really like to impliment it…

  2. My advice (as much as I can give one) would be to use Tortoise SVN
    on a small project with the SVN book at hand.

    I don’t think you can get SVN without using it,
    when I started, I read the book about two times from start to finish,
    but at the end I really got it just by using it.

  3. You’re best bet is to purchase the excellent “Pragmatic Version Control Using Subversion” book from the guys overs at I can’t say enough about the ease of reading the book and the hand-holding (plus tips and suggesting for setting up a solid environment). Also, there are a few pages in there that explicitly help you migrate from CVS to SVN (including migrating repositories, comments, etc.). If you’re serious about the switch, definitely consider this book.

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