Copyright Amendment Bill a step backwards

Yet again, the politicians running Australia’s Federal Government look to be getting it tragically wrong… The Copyright Amendment Bill 2006 is due to go through Parliament sometime in the relatively near future. Despite an earlier, groundbreaking and sensible parliamentary report, and input from Electronic Frontiers Australia, to the current Senate enquiry, the fear is that the overly protective (more so than the DMCA in some cases) legislation proposed will do significant damage to the state of reasonable copyright protection in Australia.

I am no expert, but speak as a concerned citizen. The proposals don’t look like they have been properly though through, seem overly heavy-handed and unnecessarily proscriptive. Then again, this isn’t terribly surprising in Australia’s current political climate where the incumbent governement has full control of both Houses of Parliament and panders heavily to the desires of business.

You can read more at the EFA and also EFF’s deep coverage.

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