Coworking in the Capital

With the launch of PerthNorg’s coworking space, a few of us Canberra freelancers are starting to think about setting up a coworking space here. We plan to have it in the Canberra CBD and have just started thinking about it – so there’s nothing concrete yet.

Here’s what we’ve got in terms of ideas thus far:

  • around 80-100 square meters
  • in the CBD (as I said)
  • 2-4 full-timers with space for a few more

Looking around, rent for this sort of space in the Canberra CBD looks to be in the AU$500-550/week range, on top of which there’s the ongoing costs such as:

  • utilities
  • Internet
  • cleaning
  • things to make it look nice (paint, pictures and the like) plus desks, chairs, etc. (I’m guessing that will run to around AU$10000)

If you’re at all interested in joining the conversation or helping out on getting something off the ground, please let me know on trib [at] acidlabs [dot] org.

We’ve also joined the international coworking community led by the folks at Citizen Agency in San Francisco. We have a Facebook Group (there’s also the parent Coworking Group), a page on the Coworking Wiki and we’re on the Google Group. Come say “Hi!”

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