Cross-platform ACME and The ACME CD

A few more ACME announcements dealing with OSX and Linux and a CD of ACME software. Also, The ACME Guide has a few more minor enhancements.

ACME, ACME everywhere

Technically, it’s possible to set up ACME on any suitable machine running Windows XP, OSX or Linux (I’m a Fedora guy, myself). I haven’t written sections on OSX or Linux as I don’t have equipment to try it out on. I’m really keen however, to include OSX and Linux sections in the Guide.
If you’re in a position to provide any of the following to help out, I’d really appreciate it:

  • a copy of VMWare Workstation
  • loan of a reasonable machine (including keyboard, mouse and monitor, see the Guide for specs) to run up a Linux environment
  • loan of a recent Powerbook or Power Mac (including keyboard, mouse and monitor) running OSX

Unfortunately, I can’t offer you anything except my gratitude (and a mention in The ACME Guide) in return for any of these. If you’re (most likely in Australia and) able to help, email me on trib at stephencollins dot org.


I’ve put together a CD of all the software necessary to build ACME on a Windows XP PC. If you have a crappy connection to the Internet and can’t viably download the ACME software, I’m happy to cut a copy and mail it to you.
Send me an email (see above) with your name and address if you’d like a copy.

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