4 Replies to “CVS Comment Templates in Eclipse”

  1. Subclipse already has a feature sort of like this. You can define a Subversion property named tsvn:logtemplate on your project root folder and it will be filled in as your commit template.

    You can only have one template per project.

    The feature also exists in TortoiseSVN.

  2. Well, I wasn’t even aware of it until your blog post. I cannot imagine supporting it in the near future. We are trying to support Eclipse 3.0 – 3.2 with the same code base and if we used this feature I would rather piggyback off the CVS code then create a copy of it.

    I think the way we do it is better since it is versioned in the repository and comes down ti each user on checkout. If a demand surfaced for multiple templates I would rather look for a way to extend the existing feature. I do not think I have ever seen it come up, even with TortoiseSVN.

  3. Leveraging off the existing code for the CVS module sounds like a good approach, assuming Subversion users are keen – I would be. I’d need to understand Subversion, and your approach, better to get why you’re including the template in the repo…

    My take is that the guys doing the CVS module want a snippet-like set of predefined templates for easy use. Providing them to the whole team via the repo is a smart idea which encourages commit comment consistency.

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