Desktop Manager – an OS X cool tool

If, like me, you are a PowerBook owner who has either:

  • used a desktop with multiple monitors
  • used a *nix distro

you’ll be familiar with the concept of using multiple desktops, either physical or virtual In order to improve your productivity. In Linux/Unix of pretty much every flavor, this has been standard fare for just about forever. it’s also something I missed when I moved to OS X.

If you’d like that ability to use multiple desktops back, let me introduce Desktop Manager for OS X. It’s (oddly enough) a virtual desktop manager for OS X. It’s pretty powerful, with a swag of useful features. It has also become one of my critical apps, launched at startup.

Given recent publicity all over again about the productivity improvements of working with multiple screens, Desktop Manager provides an experience not too far removed from that.

You can also read an interesting and lengthy interview with Desktop Manager’s developer, Rich Wareham, at DrunkenBlog.

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  1. I tried this app a long time ago and found it very flaky. However, I just downloaded the latest version and it seems pretty solid so I may actually start using it again. Thanx for the ‘prod’…

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