Do not be afraid

Worthwhile reading on why being afraid of terrorism – the spurious line being perpetuated by the increasingly extreme right Western governments – is just not worth it. Their agenda causes a “false sense of insecurity”. Fact is, we’re not significantly at risk. You’re probably more likely to be hit by lightning than be affected by a terrorist incident.

Don’t listen to Big Brother.

Also noted by Schneier and boingboing.

3 Replies to “Do not be afraid”

  1. As someone who grew up in Northern Ireland in the 60’s and then lived in the South of England through the 70’s and 80’s – where terrorism was pretty common place – I can only agree with you. Certain governments are whipping up all sorts of fear in their citizens as a way to pass increasingly draconian legislation that systematically chips away at people’s civil liberties.

  2. … then again, you might also say that the dangers of liberal democracies are being exaggerated, for various reasons, as well….

    (Bottom line: There are people out there who think you’re living an inappropriate life, and who recommend extreme measures in dealing with such diversity. Those who cut others the most slack are the ones I want to hang with.)

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