Doom 3… Check

Now that I’ve finished Doom 3 (on my pitiful 2-3 hours of gaming a week) I can go back to my all-time favorites – the Ghost Recon series (I am eagerly awaiting GR2 – I’m not allowed to buy before Christmas, or my wife will kill me) and Rainbow Six 3. I never get tired of these games, their replayability (is that a word?) is excellent with all the planning and execution options.

I kind of have similar feelings toward Doom 3 as I did towards the film Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. Groundbreaking, atmospheric, beautiful to look at, but ultimately something of a disappointment.

I hope Ghost Recon 2 doesn’t disappoint…

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  1. Steve, I feel very much the same way about Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. For more than four years I’ve been playing that game now and the look and feel, the atmosphere, it just does it for me. I doubt I’ll ever find anything like it…

    But then, you knew that.


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