…is that a word?

Anyway, my first post at Web Worker Daily is about the need for adequate connectedness in your social applications in order to derive benefit. So, in the interests of eating my own dog food, and being a shameless copycat of Tara, here are my travel plans, and an exhibition of the poor connectedness I have on Dopplr.

Dopplr screenshot

Dopplr has an incredible amount of potential, but as I say at WWD, critical mass of connectedness is what’s needed. At the moment, I’m very unconnected. You can see I have a trip to Sydney for WebJam 3 in June and then the big family holiday to the US in October (missing dates represent locations Dopplr doesn’t yet deal with). But I only have two fellow travellers. Not good connectedness!

If you’re reading this and use Dopplr, here’s an invitation from me to ping me so we can share our travel. And, if you’re not on Dopplr, I have two Dopplr invites to give away. Email me on trib [at] acidlabs [dot] org with your full name and email address and I can invite you.

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