Everything in its place

If you’re like me, your PC/Home Theatre/Entertainment convergence is occuring at an ever-increasing rate. Mine so much so that I’m desperately short on inputs/outputs in my current equipment:

I’m also planning to add a D-Link DSM-320 around Christmas if there’s spare dollars around.

So, to cut a long story short, I picked up a Joytech AV-240 switch yesterday.

Joytech AV-240

These babies are the duck’s nuts of AV switches, having:

  • Signal Regulator Technology to ensure picture is pin sharp
  • Programmable display allowing you to customise the name of each input
  • Remote control for simple nav of all your equipment
  • Inputs:
    • 7 composite video and stereo audio inputs
    • 7 S-video inputs
    • 6 component inputs
    • 4 optical inputs
    • 3 ethernet inputs
  • Single output for each of the above inputs

This should solve a wealth of issues and make a bunch of inputs available when I do the rewiring over the weekend. It should even free up some inputs on the theater system so I can wire in that D-Link box.

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