Extra SubEthaEdit license – want it?

UPDATE – Not so many poets out there, I guess… Kate gets it for the only entry. Yay, Kate!

I ended up getting two free licenses for SubEthaEdit by CodingMonkeys as a consequence of BLOGZOT 2.0 on MacZOT.com. Not sure how that works, but I certainly don’t need two licenses, so I have one to give away to a lucky Mac owner out there.

Of course, there should be some challenge to getting the free license. After all, I had to effectively write a bloody great big ad and post it here on acidlabs, so you should have to do something too.

So, here’s the challenge. Post a (preferably short) poem with a uniquely Australian theme here in the comments. You must include the words “Vegemite”, “Hills Hoist” and “Superbike” (all Australian inventions) in correct context in your poem. No outright rude poems (although clever and suggestive rates highly). Humor goes a long way. If you can include more Australian inventions and/or words used correctly, you get bonus marks.

I fully expect most of this work to be entirely cringeworthy and of no artistic merit.

I’ll give the license to the poem I judge to be the best at the end of today (I’m posting before 7:00AM my time).

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  1. Hi Steve,

    I don’t claim this is good, clever or witty, or even that it’s a proper poem, but I may as well post it!

    Domesticity (a contemporary piece that’s more narrative than poetry)

    Daydreaming out the kitchen window, I see,
    The kids swinging on the washing line again,
    pulling at the clothes, giggling in glee.
    I think – Surely Lance Hill didn’t envisage this for his Hoist!
    I’ll let it slide this time, they’ll be in soon for brekkie.
    vegemite on toast, a favourite of Winton’s “Lockie”.

    Hubby idles into the kitchen, planting a sloppy kiss on me,
    “Mmm that smells nice,” then thinking ahead, asks- “Barbie for dinner?”
    “See the blokes are coming ’round lunch, to watch the Superbike champions,
    kick the ball around this arvo, and down plenty of tinnies!”

    “You got some ‘forex’ in the esky,” I remind him,
    too late, he’s already off down the bottlo and TAB,
    but i’m quickly distracted as Sheila, Henry and John burst in –
    “Mummy! Mummy! There’s a redback out the back!”
    “I’ll Mortein it later” I say and rustle them in for their toast.

    Ah… now I’ve got a moment, I can write out my shopping list:
    Tim Tams
    -insert gratutitous aussie food item-
    BBQ Pack

    … and get myself prepared for our family’s Australia Day.


    Cheers, Kate

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