Farewell, Andre

Andre Agassi says goodbye

Sir, in an era of power-hitters, your game harked back to a more subtle time where a deft touch and the ability to approach the net with frequency was considered the mark of a fine player. In an era of hip-hop, bling-encrusted big egos, your gentlemanly manner, awareness and consideration of your fans made you a player easy to like (not that you didn’t have a rocky beginning). Your growth as a person, with a life beyond tennis, from “The Las Vegas Kid” to the husband and father of 2006 marks you as a man able to make a contribution to society, as well as his profession and sport.

It has been an honor to watch you play the past 21 years and I only hope that some of today’s players take note of your farewell today, for they would do well to emulate you in word, manner and deed.

You have been an ornament to the game. You will be missed.

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  1. Andre is by far the best tennis player in the world. I know he’s probaby heard this phrase like a million times, but that doesn’t make it less true.

    Andre proved today that attitude is all that matters, not just in tennis, but in life. It’s been his attitude and his determination that has gotten him this far all this years.

    I really can’t think of any other player to bear such a charismathic expression during his game. Watching Andre play tennis is not only a pleasure, but it is an art.

    I just wanted to tell Andre that I was really touched today. I cried with you today Andre…. And I’m sure that the whole crowd was trully moved by your amazing speech and your amazing performace.

    There is no way I will ever love and admire another tennis player the way I admire Andre. Andre turned pro the year I was born, and 20 years later I’m watching him retire. It’s unbelievable. Andre’s carreer is unbelievable. Andre is the most mature and incredible tennis player I’ve had the opprotunity to follow, and I very much doubt there will ever be someone to even get close.

    We’ll all miss you,



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