First BIG Mach-II site up

We’ve launched our first major Mach-II based site for the National Measurement Institute. The DNS propagation may take a while to override the present settings, but it’s definitely up and happening. If you’re on the Mach-II site, it’ll be obvious by the URIs.

Here’s a few Mach-II stats:

  • 5 listeners
  • 4 filters
  • 35 events
  • 1 plugin
  • 18 custom views, 23 shared views

Other features:

  • automated caching via Mach-II, with updates for "live" (i.e. published and non-expired) content every 15 minutes
  • automated indexing and index updating via Mach-II as content goes live
  • linked to a large Spectra-based Content Management system
  • large shared code library (components and includes) for use by several Mach-II sites (four more going live in the next month)
  • entire Mach-II code base for five sites is ~45000 lines/690 files
  • rendered code is compliant with XHTML 1.0 Transitional, CSS2 and minimally meets the W3C/WAI Priority 1 Accessibility Guidelines (and in many cases, Priroty 2 or 3)

Watch this space for more of the "Bastard Child…" series for how we’ve built this Spectra/Mach-II hybrid monster!

3 Replies to “First BIG Mach-II site up”

  1. Its really good that you are working on this monster project, but don’t say its first big project, i have already done two enterprise applications in MachII. Its not too diffficult to attach the spectra handlers in machII.


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