Flex 2.0 Beta 2 out… but still nothing for OS X developers

UPDATE – Tink has a post on his blog about pinching the relevant bits from the Windows install and moving them to a Mac. Hopefully this will work on Beta 2…

No doubt many of you will have seen that Flex 2.0 Beta 2 has been released at Adobe Labs. This is exciting stuff and I really want to try it out, but like several others, my dev platform of choice is OS X. As such, several of the most critical components of the whole platform aren’t yet available to us, namely Flex Builder, Flex Data Services and ColdFusion/Flex Connectivity.

C’mon Adobe, I know you people are super smart and fully capable of having these tools available for OS X. Heck, I’m happy to help test a pre-alpha if you’ve got one (just email me)!

You know there’s demand. If recent US and European conferences were anything like wedDU, demand is demonstrably strong.

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  1. You can use the SDK and (optionally) an Ant build to compile your applications. You should also be able to download the Flex Data Services JAR file installer to use FDS on Mac. And there is the Flash 8.5 player for Mac. So you do have some good options. And they are working on the Mac version of Flex Builder. But for over a year I did all my Flex development in vi, so don’t let the lack of Flex Builder for Mac keep you from using Flex. :)

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