Getting there…

I’ve made some fairly significant progress on the new look and feel for Acid. And in part, shamelessly ripped off Michael Heilemann’s look and feel at Binary Bonsai. I hope he doesn’t mind too much (he is, after all, the designer of the skin used here).

I’m now also using Movable Type to do all my static publishing, based on this HOWTO by Brad Choate. Of course, this makes my plans for MiiB, all the more complex… Reminder – smack self in head.

I now have a snazzy CSS-managed menu, XHTML compliance, valid CSS, and an About page (plus several related pages) you should check out if you’re at all interested in what makes me tick.

I still have a few things I want to do, such as:

  • a master archive index
  • a book list, music list and view list
  • a Blogroll
  • customised search templates

I’m also considering the sexy hyperlink rollovers used at Binary Bonsai… But that may be too much of a ripoff.

Anyhow, I’d appreciate any feedback anyone wants to offer on my “improvements” as well as any suggestions as to other things I might want to add to the site.


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