Google Pack

Google are now apparently in the business of software distribution, with the launch of the Google Pack for Windows; a bundle of several Google products (Google Earth, Google Desktop, Picasa, Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer, Google Pack Screensaver) plus a number of very good third-party apps including Mozilla Firefox with Google Toolbar, Ad-Aware SE Personal, Norton Antivirus 2005 Special Edition, Adobe Reader 7.

This strikes me a a cracker of a deal; all the products, apart from NAV are already free, but getting a free six month subscription to NAV is great. Only problem is that the people I see downloading this are not the people who need it most (inexperienced or tech-unsavvy users), but the already tech-savvy who see it as a time saver to get everything all at once.

Now all they need to do is release the same bundle (appropriately kitted out) for OSX!

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