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  1. Check this out There’s this I.T material’s consultant guy who has just posted a comment on a new website about the anti-Apple campaign that Greenpeace has started. He visits China regularly for his work and decided to visit the waste dump site in China where Greenpeace took its photographs for the anti-Apple website. This is what he posted:

    I’ve just returned from the province in China where Greenpeace took those photos. I even managed to track down that little girl what was used to pose for the camera whilst Greenpeace took pictures of her holding the Apple Mac keyboard. Here’s what I found; there was indeed tons of electronic scrap, that appeared to be mainly printed circuit boards from TV’s and computers as well as printer toner cartridges and peripherals from computers. But guess what, none of them were from Apple equipment. Showing the girl a photo of herself holding the Apple keyboards, I asked her how she found the Apple Mac keyboards. She said that the westerners with cameras brought them and gave them to her. They said they pay her if she agreed to hold them whilst they took pictures. Isn’t Greenpeace sailing a bit close to the ethics line here? Surely its possible to campaign for the environment without having to comprimise even the basics of accuracy and ethics?

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