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I’ve been invited to guest blog throughout May at Web Worker Daily, a part of the GigaOM network. If you’re not a WWD reader, it’s all about tips, tools and best approaches for the “digital nomad” worker – unbound from desk and cube and living the knowledge worker life (oh, that I could leave a cube behind…).

I’m very excited about this opportunity as WWD has huge readership and covers a lot of topics that I’m passionately interested in. If you’re not already a reader, drop over and have a look. The writers on staff are very good and every post always has a useful take away.

And hey, if you have some thoughts about what you’d like to see me write, comment or send me an email.

5 Replies to “Guest blogging at Web Worker Daily”

  1. Congrats, Stephen – that’s a pretty big stage to be on, and you’re sharing it with some good people. All the best – and I look forward to you popping up in the feed from there too.

  2. And if it’s good enough for Matthew, it’s quite good enough for me :)

    Well done Steve, look forward to seeing you get the recognition you deserve as a blogger on the big stage of WWD.

    Cheers, Andrew

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