Hell in (several) handbaskets

Seminal cyberpunk author, William Gibson, has posted an incredibly insightful opinion piece about the current crisis in the Middle East. He particularly laments the narrow vision and “behind the curve” thinking of the US and Israel in the several wars being fought across the region. Like me, he believes that if thinking and mindset continues this way, there can never be a resolution.

Now, let it be said plain and simple, in disagreeing with the conduct of war in the Middle East, I in no way support the actions of Hezbollah, insurgents in Iraq or belligerent states such as Iran. I simply don’t support the way the US (and my country, Australia) are undertaking to solve the issues. Nor do I purport to have the answers.

If you read the piece carefully enough, you’ll “get” that it’s about dichotomy of mindset (Kuhnian paradigms, in Gibson’s case) and how the thinking informing the paradigms of the opposing sides informs their language such that opposing sides use the same words for different things. As such, there can never be agreement or resolution given the chasm of opposing paradigms between those involved.

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  1. Yup. Two paradigms (ie two religions that have opposing beliefs)… anyone with half an understand of the two religions knows that the two will fight to the end. One says the other is irrelevant and their goal is to capture it, the other knows when it falls their world will end. Sad, but it’s a reality I believe they understand. It’s just our western philosophy dictates that there is a solution to everything.

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