How clean is your celphone?

How’s this for amazing!?

I have a Samsung SGH-X430 celphone which I’ve owned about a year now. Last Sunday, I was carrying the phone in a baggy pair of shorts which ended up in the wash. Last night, I was getting all my bits and pieces together for today when I returned to work. I couldn’t find my phone for about a half-hour until I had a terrifying moment of realisation… The phone was still in the (now washed) shorts!

In a seemingly futile dash, I ran to the laundry and pulled my shorts from the pile of dry washing I had brought in from the line a couple of hours earlier. Yep, there was the phone, still in the shorts. Dead as a dodo, of course.

I figured it was a goner, and I’d need to go shopping today for a new phone. However, out of curiousity, I plugged it into the charger… Beep! Up comes the charging logo. I pressed the power switch… Jingle jingle jingle! Up comes the startup screen followed a few moments after by the screensaver I have set. Beep! In comes an SMS message. I call the phone from my land line… Ring!

Amazing! There’s presently an ever-reducing few spots of condensation under the top membrane of the screen, but so far, everything seems sweet. Respect to Samsung for making such a rugged piece of kit!

If only my Samsung DVD E-317 DVD player was so reliable. For about six weeks now it has been stopping at random points on any DVD I play. The picture and audio simply freeze and nothing fixes the issue. If I come back about 24 hours later, it plays again, but then the same problem recurs at some other random point in the same (or a different) disc…

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