iLife and iWork ‘06 – worth updating?

UPDATE: And, oh yeah, why don’t Apple offer a demo for download? From the iWork web site:

A 30-day iWork ???06 Trial will be available on new hardware, in retail boxes of Mac OS X and iLife ’06. After 30 days, the Trial becomes an iWork ???06 player.

That’s no good to me! What if I want to test the software to see if it’s actually worth the upgrade?

As many readers here will know, I bought a new PowerBook at the end of November 2005. That machine came with iLife ’05 (the i-set – iDVD, iMovie, iPhoto and GarageBand) and a demo of iWork ’05 (Pages and Keynote) among a swag of other “standard” software. I’m massively impressed with iWork – Keynote in particular is making the preparation of my talk for webDU much less of a chore.

Now, with MacWorld this week, the new ’06 versions of iLife and iWork have been released and I’m wondering whether it’s worth the AU$240 i’ll need to spring for the upgrade/update. I already have NeoOffice (but I’ve always found using it a little clunky compared to Microsoft Office) and VLC, which together cover just about everything I use in the two Apple products, except iPhoto, which works just fine for my purposes. I’m no music or video guy, so nothing for me in iMovie or GarageBand except novelty value.

Anyone out there got these two and have an opinion they’d like to share?

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  1. I think the new features look totally rockin. But I have to say that the allure is the iWeb package for me. But if it really only works with .mac then it’s worthless to me. I scanned the website for info but there is none. I haven’t made it into teh mac store at the mall yet to ask though.

    But I am in the same boat. It looks intrigueing but is it neat enough to shell out some dow.

  2. for me, a teacher with educational discount via the apple store, the upgrade will be worth it. why? b/c keynote 3 has the ability to animate individual objects/bullets/letters and, more importantly, keynote 3 has a web integration feature.

    there may be more, but i only fiddled with the trial version for a bit.

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