Is this among the final nails?

Wow what a picture.
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I’d argue it’s possibly one of the most important pics of the campaign. Click through to Dave Winer’s post about it, and then onto the flickr page and look at the full size version. It’s quite the image.

Germany is a longstanding, important, strategic US ally in central Europe and Obama gets out his biggest crowd yet – news reports are saying 200,000!

I wonder who moderate Europe wants as the next US President?

Right now, after Obama’s successful trip to the Middle East and now Europe, John McCain must be wondering what he’s got to do to get a vote.

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  1. look at the faces. the expressions of yearning. the care. that is the energy that is available for global transformation.

    leaders cannot live up to that, unless they are very pure. most manipulate it for personal reasons.

    there are not yet enough of those faces in america. transformation requires a critical mass, plus a lens to focus the energy. obama is a lens, you are right, but the per capita volume of energy is just not there in america yet. too much complacency, too much narrowness, too much addiction to comfort, tv, the status quo.

    nature needs to do some more work on america before the human populace wakes up enough to give obama, or whoever is next in the role of lens, something to really work with.

    i expect more chaos, because it is necessary, and if elections are your thing, 2012 is more important than 2008, because the collective we are not ready.

    hope i am wrong. time will tell. either way, i have to ignore it and go forward.

  2. It’s too soon to start talking about final nails, I’m afraid. 75% of Americans didn’t vote for Bush, yet he got in. Twice. McCain has a lot of support to lose before he loses an election.

    Having said that, this is a great shot. I just hope Obama a) does get in and b) can live up to even half the hype around him. If so, we’ll be in for a bright few years of leadership in the US.

  3. And if you take a close look at the original, you can see a guy towards the front, just to the right of Obama, holding up his BlackBook, which seems to be streaming Obama over the iSight. Heh.

  4. I know Dave and others are very excited about Obama, but I think it’s worth having closer look at the photograph. Surely it’s fake! All those photos have been photoshopped in. You can tell from lack of perspective in effects (faces at the back are as big as at the front) and the unnatural edges between people. If that doesn’t convince you, compare it to the TV footage.

  5. How quickly they forget. The Europeans hated Reagan, detested him almost as much as they do George Bush.

    Yet no president did more for Europe post Marshall plan than Reagan. Far from bringing on nuclear war as they feared he brought down the Soviet empire instead, almost single handedly.

    Luckily for us Europeans have zero electoral votes in our elections so winning Germany won’t do much for Obama.

  6. Put down your hammers… Personally, it doesn’t matter how many Germans, French or Britons show up to hear Barack Hussein Obama speak, they aren’t the ones that he has to impress because they won’t be voting in November. It should be fun to watch the debates and see him flipping and flopping all over his positions. The real question is: What will happen to the MSM if he loses? I mean they aren’t even trying to hide who they favor.

  7. Of course the turnout in countries like Germany is no proof that Obama will will the election. However, what it does indicate is that if he does win he is likely to be one of the most highly regarded US presidents outside of America in years. In a time of rife anti-American sentiment, this would be no bad thing.

  8. Nail in the coffin for whom? There are a lot of Americans that view western Europe as a growing socialistic alliance of countries. Those Americans appreciate our independence and our willingness to stand up when those countries won’t.

    Obama may just have rallied a solid block of non-voters into voting simply because he did this speech. I personally believe it was a mistake.

    All those faces can’t vote him into office.

  9. Reminds me of another event we had here in Sydney last week…

    Love the guy with the black Macbook.
    He seems to be looking straight into the lens.

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