iTunes and Zen Xtra and Windows… Oh my!

At home, on my PowerBook, I happily plug my Creative Nomad Zen Xtra in and iTunes picks it up as a device that I can work with; playing music from it and putting new music onto it. However, at work, where I am chained to a Windows machine, the same functionality isn’t available.

Does anyone know of a plugin for iTunes on Windows which will allow me this functionality?

If not, I’m stuck with WinAmp Pro which is frankly, still a cooler multimedia player than iTunes (except for Smart Playlists, which are by far the best feature of iTunes).

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  1. you should download the creative zen drivers on the creative website for your windows problem.

    I have the same but it’s on mac OSX, itunes recognises my zen but i can’t play music from it nor copy it on my computer??
    how do you do?

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