Kids grow up, but it can be disturbing…

We all know our kids grow up, however, this is just disturbing.

Nikki Webster, the little kid who featured at the opening ceremony of the Sydney 2000 Olympics and had minor success as a tweens recording artist has got all grown up and posed for an Australian “lads” magazine, Zoo Weekly as a “celebration of [her] 19th birthday”.
She’s fully clothed (well…) and all, but it’s very weird to think of “Nikki Webster, Olympics moppet” as “Nikki Webster, hottie”. Sure, these pictures are all retouched and stuff, but the girl definitely isn’t that little kid in the pink dress anymore.

Even more scary is I’ve got an 8-1/2 year old daughter of my own who’s going to do this whole growing up thing in the next few years. I can see me now – meeting the interested boys at the door, trying to seem insane…

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