Linksys NSLU2 – smarter than your average NAS

Linksys Storage Link for USB 2.0 Disk Drives NSLU2
I mentioned my new Linksys NSLU2 the other day. I’ve got it up and running (although I haven’t got all my data on it yet). I’m super-happy with it, mostly because it’s much smarter than its otherwise simple looks suggest. Y’see, under the hood, it’s a hackable (in the true sense) Linux box!

Getting it up and running from OS X was easy once I found this blog entry at Sample the Web. Of course, that sent me scampering across the ether to the Yahoo! group and then beyond to Tom’s Networking and the Linux on the NSLU2 page.

Now, I’ve reflashed the ROM, using uNSLUng from and added ssh and nfs support to the unit (the community calls it a “slug”… hehe). Next, maybe svn, Apache/MySQL/PHP, and media server capabilities…

These things are awesome! Get yourself one!

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  1. [quote post=”358″]It manages my SVN-Server[/quote]

    Franz, if you’d email me with how you got this set up and any issues you faced, I’d really appreciate it!


  2. Sorry, but I can’t find your emailaddress. If you don’t want to publish it, you can mail me first (you should see my emailaddress in wordpress).

    But I didn’t have any problems with installing it.
    You only have to install the package svn as far as i remember, configuring it and start! :)


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