M-iiB… Coming soon to a server near you

As an exercise in building my Mach-II knowledge, and to get back to coding after about six months not writing any code, I’m running my own little project to build a rich blogging tool in CFMX using the Mach-II framework. So far it’s going well, and M-iiB is starting to take shape.

What I’d like is input from the community as to what features they’d like to see in such a product.

The ultimate aims of the M-iiB project are manifold, with the following as a core set of aims:

  1. Develop a rich blog application using ColdFusion MX and the Mach-II framework with strict adherence to the ColdFusion MX Coding Guidelines and Mach-II Development Guide. The purpose of this aim is to develop a showcase CFMX/Mach-II application;
  2. Develop a feature set which matches or exceeds the big players in the blog space such as Movable Type, GreyMatter, WordPress, Blogger, etc. The purpose of this aim is to provide the CF community with a heavy-hitter choice when it comes to blogging software (not that the several CF-based options out there already aren’t great, ‘cos they are); and
  3. Develop client and admin interfaces which comply strictly with web standards on XHTML, CSS and Accessibility so that the application is deployable on any CFMX/Mach-II friendly platform and viewable through any current-generation browser, including text-only and screenreader interfaces. The purpose of this aim is to prove that something as potentially complex as rich blogging software can be platform-independent (beyond the need for CFMX and Mach-II), web standards compliant and accessible.
  4. Deliver M-iiB to the CF blogging community with an appropriate open source license so that the community can modify and improve upon the original work, feeding their modifications and improvements back to the user community.

Presently, the code is in a pre-alpha state, with the business logic and admin backend nearly feature-complete. In the short term, the feature set is planned to include:

  • All features of Ray Camden’s BlogCFC, which was a HUGE inspiration for this project;
  • Flexible, CSS-based skinning, with multiple choices available through a configuration file (COMPLETE);
  • An administration interface with database-driven security (COMPLETE);
  • A rich blog entry editing interface utilising FCKEditor;

So, like I said above, I’m looking for feedback as to what features should be a part of M-iiB. You can comment here, or email me at trib at stephencollins dot org.

If you’d like to take a look at the code, it is available via anonymous CVS. I’d certainly appreciate feedback on the code, as I imagine it’s far from perfect. If you’d like access to the code, email me.

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