WTF!? The entire Macromedia-centric blogmos is going nuts about the Adobe acquisition of Macromedia. Just check the Goog

This isn’t one I would ever have picked… and I’m not certain it’s a good thing. There are too many concurrent spaces in tools offered by Adobe and Macromedia for this to be truly good. I think it will actually ultimately stifle competition and innovation.

Here are the problems I see (note these are pure speculation):

  • Photoshop and Illustrator lose their only serious competition – goodbye Fireworks and Freehand;
  • the dilution of the Macromedia web development toolset in favor of the Adobe tools – Dreamweaver gets eaten by GoLive;
  • another loss of focus for ColdFusion in a market space desperately in need of a strong presence – I just don’t see it being a priority for Adobe;
  • Flex going the way of Spectra (down the toilet). It’s overpriced and under-marketed and I don’t see it being a big player for Adobe;
  • Whither Flash? Will it be absorbed into the Acrobat toolset. That’d be my guess.

I’ll be delighted if I’m proved wrong, and frankly, I hope I am. It’ll be interesting to see whether the whole thing gets past the US regulatory authorities and the stockholders…

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