and Exchange woes

When you use an Exchange server for your email, my take is that you open yourself to a world of grief; particularly if any of your users aren’t indoctrinated to using tools from the Evil Empire. I have web access to work email through Microsoft’s Outlook Web Access, and if I use Entourage, I can happily connect to the server. Trouble is, I want to use Apple Mail; even with all its simplicity, it’s my current favorite mail client for OS X. Probably because of its simplicity.

It seems to be failing initially on the incoming mail server. None of the variants I enter in this box work. I’m very sad and tired at this point… I’ve been trying for three days to no avail.

So, has anyone out there successfully connected to an Exchange/Outlook Web Access server using Apple Mail? I’ve pretty much exhausted everything Google spits up and I may simply have to switch to Entourage (and the Microsoft Empire) if I can’t get this to work.

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  1. I use with an exchange server without a problem, but as an IMAP account rather than exchange. I had problems setting the account up as an exchange one, although can’t remember now what they were. (VPN issues perhaps). Is IMAP an option?

  2. We upgraded our Exchange Server and now I cannot access my mail through 1.3.11 on 10.3. It was working fine before. I need to follow up with the administrator and see what else may have changed. Otherwise, I have to chalk it up to Microsoft…

    I haven’t tried IMAP yet, though. The administrator may make me setup like that though.

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