Mapping the “Big Trip” online

Later this year, Alli, Hannah and I are travelling to the southwest USA for a family holiday.  We’re doing the whole Disneyland/Universal bit first and then joining a 15-day coach tour through Southern California, Arizona, Utah and Nevada.  It will be Hannah’s first overseas trip.  Obviously, I’ll be blogging the experience, but what I really want to do is map it and annotate the maps.

There are a bunch of online trip planning/itinerary planning sites like itripr and Travellerspoint, but they don’t really seem to do what I want.  Google’s My Maps feature seems to do most of what I want, but doesn’t include point-to-point routes as far as I can figure out.

What I want to do is have:

  • maps embeddable in my blog (Google, tick)
  • waypoints for places visited with annotation capability (Google, tick)
  • markers for hotels stayed at with annotation capability (Google, tick)
  • links to photos on Flickr (not natively in Google, but doable, half a tick)
  • route marking for the bits where we’re driving or on the coach tour (Google, but not with MyMaps, no tick)

Is anyone out there aware of a mashup that will do all of this?  Google My Maps seems to come really close, but the route marking is a key function I want.  Let me know if you know of anything or whether I’ve missed seeing functionality somewhere.

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