Mapping your visitors

If your stats package doesn’t already do this, it should.
Check out for a neat implementation of Google Maps vs. Your Visitors. The free version tracks the most recent 20.
If you use SiteMeter to track your site stats, they have a somewhat more powerful implementation of the same thing using Flash rather than Google Maps. It allows some pretty granular drill-down into visitor details.

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  1. I like it! I installed it and I am impressed by the integration with Google maps.

    The only thing I did not like, one I entered my profile, I am not able to update it. Therefore beware of spelling mistakes!

  2. accuracy for these things drops off pretty dramtically once you go below country level, so i ‘d be cautious about the data no matter who’s providing it.

    we (nigel gourlay & me) have had a country level one for cf for years now: also seth duffey’s got a nice flash widget to symbolize country level data as well:

  3. Quite the timing – I got a notification of a comment updated just as we were moving servers – a few things broke, but it should be running lightning smooth from tomorrow :)

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