Marc Andreessen on OS X, Web 2.0 (or not) and productivity

Not before time, Marc Andreessen has joined the blogging world. If there’s a guy who understands the Web and it’s interconnectedness with pretty much everything, it’s Marc. In his first few posts, he’s tossed up a couple of straw men, discussed his favorite OS X apps and thoroughly messed with the heads of the personal productivity set.

I’m particularly buzzed by both the productivity post (that I will be discussing on WWD in the next few days) and the “there is no Web 2.0” piece. Check them all out.

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  1. I read the productivity article and very much enjoyed it. I decided to try to give the “3 lists” idea a try to keep track of my active, pending and old tasks/projects. I started out with Notepad, but it was getting annoying cutting and pasting text around. I wrote a small application that handles the management of the 3 lists and lets you make notes on each task/project. It runs on Windows and is free to download and use (it’s completely free, as in no money is required). Here’s the link:

    If anyone has any questions, comments or suggestions feel free to send me an email.

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