meebo – why Web2.0 is cool

Well, not the only reason. But, if like me, most of the places you work block IM, meebo may be the answer.

You can also visit meebome and pick up a widget to run on your site for instant communication with your clients/audience/whatever. Now, that’s cool!

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  1. [quote comment=”8358″]Stephen – Goowy! If you just want IM, Meebo is cool, but I think Goowy’s IM is better, and you’ve got a calendar, contact list, email – pretty much everything.[/quote]
    Ryan, Goowy is a great solution, but several of the places I work at in my consulting job (mostly large federal government departments) either won’t have Flash on their SOEs (and prevent installation) or are using versions as old as Flash 5. It’s not unusual. Meebo gives me it all with HTTP, and even if I’m forced to use IE while I’m on site, it tends to not be blocked.

  2. hey…if meebo’s blocked at your work, check out the meebo repeater. and then click on the link on the left that says “meebo repeater.” should do the trick ( as opposed to using third party proxies ) . seth

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