Money-grubbing peabrained asshats!

This is definitely one of those "only in America" moments…

Apparently, TigerDirect (hereafter the Butt-Head Vendor) are suing Apple over the codename for their OS X 10.4 release… Whaffuk!?

The Butt-Head Vendor is obviously staffed by cretins whose wallets aren’t fat enough and who have been taking mind-altering drugs provided by copyright and trademark lawyers. When this gets to court, I hope the judge awards costs against the Butt-Head Vendor.

Story via Slashdot.

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  1. I dunno… on the surface, it looks like a wholly reasonable lawsuit. A relatively small company works to build up a trademark over the course of many years, and then a bigger company tries to swoop in and commandeer the name.

    Trust me, if another computer company tried to use the name “Apple” in a product, Jobs would have his lawyers out in force.

  2. Actually, I’ve used TigerDirect for my server needs for several years now and aside from the best pricing I could find, they have provided excellent customer service.

    As for the lawsuit, in order to maintain a trademark in the U.S. a company is required to defend it’s trademark. Tiger also has a trademark on TigerSoftware, so there is a very good chance that they are in the right here, and that Apple should have done more due diligence in naming the new version of the OS.

    If defending a legally trademarked name makes a company a Butt-Head Vendor, then pretty much every company in the U.S. falls into that category.

  3. I would guess that they are doing this more to get some free PR out of it than anything else. Just in this post you linked to them 3 times…

    I would think Apple’s attorneys are pretty careful about checking existing trademarks before they approve a code name, but maybe TigerDirect called their bluff.

    Its also interesting to note that TigerDirect sells PC’s and no Apple stuff.

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